At Scope our focus is to provide services, solutions, and consulting to cover customer’s specific business management needs. Scope has the knowledge and experience to work with our customers in developing solutions for best business practices.

Materials Management


Scope’s definition of Materials Management is the point at which both service and investment are optimized so that they become mutually achievable objectives. From an operational perspective, the primary goal of the Materials Management program in an MRO environment is to provide unflinching material support to plant maintenance and production. In other words, have the right parts at the right place at the right time.

We focus our efforts on the following key activities allowing our customers to concentrate on generating revenue:

People- qualified people to get the job done
Systems- advanced technologies that elevate businesses to the next level
Safety- strict safety program for a safe work environment
Solutions- integrating customer-focused solutions to give you the control you need to achieve the results you want.

Our expert personnel, solution driven processes, and advanced technology solutions provide you with:

Reduced inventory costs
Increased item availability
Integrity reporting and clarity into process
Only Scope provides a full service approach – from strategic planning through implementation – to optimizing every aspect of your Materials Management program for an improved total outcome for your business. Our approach is not just about outsourced purchasing or inventory management, it is about the entire process from requisition to reconciliation. We work with you in the identification, sourcing, receiving, issuing, invoicing, payment, inventory control, and continuous improvement process of your Materials Management program.

We work continuously to improve communications and balance the relationships between the customer, manufacturer, vendors, transportation carrier, and end user.


Control and efficiency are the essence of your Inventory Management program and it’s what Scope does best.

Project Materials Management

Today, Scope continues to develop and implement innovative solutions for complex project issues in the petrochemical and other industries. The primary goal of the Materials Management Program is to provide unflinching material support throughout the entire project process with efficiency, accuracy, and integrity. We work with you in the identification, sourcing, receiving, issuing, invoicing, payment, and inventory control of your Project Material Management Program. Scope enables you to spend less time looking for your tools, equipment, or materials and more time focused on completing project tasks. With our Project Materials Program we provide multiple options and customizable solutions for you to choose from.

Trailer Rental/Lease
20’ or 40’ availability
PSI rated units optional
Customized for tools, office, safety, or materials
Barcode Scanners and Labeling
Materials Management Software link
Dedicated Mobile Project Management Team
Multiple Tracking Options Available
Free Issue
Single Vendor
Multiple Vendor
Single or Multiple Unit Consolidation
Lay Down Yard Project Materials Management
Issues Eligibility Confirmation
Customized Reporting
Inventory Control Software
Critical Spares Off-site Management Program
Total Asset Management
Scope’s Project Materials Management Program functions within the framework of our customer’s procurement department in order to achieve a seamless operation. Our approach to achieving a successful Program includes the following stages: Planning, Execution, and Project Close-out


Designing a warehouse is much like going to a doctor. We do not offer a prescription until we perform a diagnosis.

Warehouse Design & Consulting


LDesigning a warehouse is much like going to a doctor. We do not offer a prescription until we perform a diagnosis. We do not perform a diagnosis without including an examination that goes beyond what the client tells us. The examination above all requires attentive listening where we absorb an understanding of the critical goals of our clients.


Scope’s Inventory Control Software optimizes your business by providing in depth, accurate tracking and analysis capabilities

Technology Solutions


Scope’s Technology Solutions optimizes your business by providing in depth, accurate tracking and analysis capabilities that allow you to assess your indirect material flow as a whole in order to search for savings possibilities. Technology provides a means to a more productive and accurate material flow.


Our team of professionals is responsible for developing and implementing the tools used to measure our performance along with the suppliers against the site metrics.

Warehouse Management

With unrivaled technology solutions, proven processes, industry experience, and ability to adapt quickly, Scope Management Solutions leverages the spectrum of people, systems, safety and solutions across your warehouse management program for the most efficient, safe, and accurate performance possible. Inside the walls of your warehouse, your utilization of every component: space, people, inventory and equipment, will impact your bottom line in profound ways over time. Scope’s warehouse management enables you to analyze these components continually, so you can conserve effort, fill orders faster with improved accuracy, save space, reduce costs and inventory, and increase efficiency.

Control and efficiency are the essence of your warehouse operations and it’s what we do best. Achieving these goals means bridging the gap between what you have and what your site needs. We understand the industry and the critical elements needed to keep your site running and making money. It requires the ideal flow of information and just the right level of product. At Scope, we help you manage this control and value added benefits that go along with it. These include: a decreased investment in fixed assets, inventory reduction, and increased consistency and accuracy across your operations. We also possess the flexibility to respond to quick changes, additional requirements, and turn-around projects. Scope resources can supplement your current warehouse team or we can fully employ and manage the warehouse for you.

We can even help you determine how much warehouse space you need, the design and layout, and the storage products needed. Warehouse Products Link and Warehouse Layout and Design Link and Warehouse Consulting Link Our team can also determine precisely what warehouse management software will work best for you based on your current operations and objectives. Technology Solutions Link Scope resources can supplement your current warehouse team or we can fully employ and manage your warehouse for you. We can help fine-tune your facility with a more efficient layout, well utilized resources, streamlined inventory and flawless order fulfillment.

Inventory Maximization Program


In an increasingly complex world of demand, you can’t afford to simply manage your inventory anymore-you have to maximize it. At Scope we are focused and eager to get you there. Inventory maximization allows you to see inventory across your entire network, no matter how many sites, warehouses, zone stores, or outlets you have.

Our approach is one of tailoring our services to our clients’ needs, rather than just trying to adjust our clients to fit our methods. We offer customized solutions based on your inventory needs and identified goals. Through our established programs and processes you can coordinate all your inventory outlets and maximize your inventory management program. Not only can you see the status of your inventory at every point in the materials handling process, you can share inventory data with your vendors so they too can better manage production and shipments.

Having too much inventory can be just as bad as having too little inventory. Scope will help you set appropriate min/max and reorder points and design an effective inventory maximization program. We can identify what you have, what you need, and how much of it you need to drive optimal use of inventory budget and increased operational efficiency. Scope’s Inventory Maximization Program includes: inventory maximization, enterprise inventory sharing, excess/obsolete management, and critical spares management.

Satellite Team Store

Scope’s Satellite Team Store Programs utilizes the latest technologies to inventory distribution points within a Plant or Facility. The distribution points are commonly referred to as Zone Stores, Satellite Stores, Team Stores, or ESS Stations. Scope can design a Satellite Store Program that will enable you to reduce system transactions, reduce your transaction costs, simplify your invoice processing, and eliminate double handling of your every day materials. With our experience in managing various integration programs, including Consignment Programs (provide link to that page) we have the knowledge and the know how to create a program that is sure to make a positive impact on your business.

  • – Built to work for both the Customer and the Supplier
  • – Puts the control back with the Team Store Organizer
  • – Web based Control Center provides easy access
  • – Barcode Scanner program runs on pocket PC device
  • – POD available through Document Imaging Process
  • – Able to track Vendor Consigned material
  • – Summary Invoicing functionality
  • – Outstanding Days Inventory Verification
  • – Vendor Sweep Management Program
  • – 15 years experience behind the program design

Advanced technologies allow the Satellite Team Stores to maintain an adequate level of materials required to meet the day to day demands of customer maintenance.

Vendor Sweep Program

The Vendor Sweep Program is designed to utilize one driver, one vehicle, and a unified order system to handle the materials management for multiple vendors at multiple plants or sites. The control and efficiency of this program provides many benefits for both the supplier and the customer.


Supplier- ability to divide up the costs of site deliveries amongst all of the participating Suppliers in the program. Individual suppliers no longer have to bear the full costs associated with delivery vehicles, fuel, or manpower to supply their material to their Customer’s Site.
Customer- benefits the customer by decreasing Plant Traffic which in turn means fewer vehicles in the Plant and less traffic at the Security Gates. Thus providing fewer people in the Plant while providing a safer and less congested environment.

Intergrated Inventory Management

Tie together all of your processes and systems with Scope’s Integrated Inventory Management program to realize the full potential of your inventory management. The overall Integrated Inventory Management program begins with a foundation that is focused on basic data integrity. From there, the concentration is on combining an effective and disciplined application of best practices and proven processes that rely on this data to establish a baseline for improvement. The next step is to develop realistic goals and action plans that will help control inventory and achieve the desired goals. The final step is to develop a periodic review process so that the Integrated Inventory Management program becomes self-sustaining through regular performance monitoring, Scope’s continuous improvement process, and continuous evaluation of goals and objectives.

Only Scope provides a full service approach – from strategic planning through implementation – to optimize every aspect of your Materials Management program for an improved total outcome for your business. Our approach is not just about outsourced purchasing or inventory management – it is about the entire process from requisition to reconciliation. We work with you in the identification, sourcing, receiving, issuing, invoicing, payment, inventory control, and continuous improvement process of your Materials Management program. We work continuously to improve communications and balance the relationships between the customer, manufacturer, vendors, transportation carrier, and end user.

Integrated Inventory Management Basic Elements

Equipment bill of materials – a document showing the parent/child relationships of all repairable or replaceable components, assemblies and subassemblies that make up an asset.

Usage data – historical information based on material issues that reflects the dates, quantities and dollar values of all storeroom parts issued for maintenance work.

Inventory data – basic part master data (primarily on-hand and dollar value) from the CMMS or other inventory control system.

Critical spares – key parts and/or components of an asset that, if required but not available, could result in an equipment or plant shutdown, and significant lost production opportunity.

Obsolete material – any material that can no longer be used because of decommissioning, redesign, damage, inactivity, deterioration or other causes.

Stocking parameters – lead times, minimum/maximum quantities, reordering methods, lot-sizing data or other information in the CMMS that controls the quantity and timing of replenishment orders.

Prioritize inventory – listing materials in order of relative importance based on set criteria (e.g. usage, unit cost, on-hand value, lead time, criticality, etc.); in this model, the recommended method is an ABC analysis based on usage.

Excess inventory – the quantity and associated dollar value of active, automatically replenished storeroom inventory that exceeds maximum projected inventory levels based on current ordering parameters; in simplest terms, it is the level of on-hand inventory above the maximum quantity.

Cycle counting – an inventory verification technique where inventory is counted on a periodic schedule throughout the entire year rather than all at once in a short period of time as in an annual physical inventory.

Baseline profile – a snapshot of investment, historical usage and other inventory-related data that provides a starting point for evaluation of benefits from Continuous Improvement activities

Turnover and inventory goals – targets for future storeroom investment levels and associated turnover rates based on an assumption of future usage rates

Review monthly results – a periodic process for reviewing the accuracy of forecasts, assessing status of key activities and analyzing recent results

Action plans – new or revised short-term and long-term targets and/or activities required to achieve them.

Trading Partner Management – extend powerful supply chain capabilities to your suppliers and automate communications to keep inventory flowing smoothly and respond to orders more quickly.

Charge backs – automate claims for damaged products, non-compliance, demurrage and more.

Satellite Team Stores – use practical technologies to inventory distribution points within a plant or facility.

Inventory Maximization Program – using Scope’s established programs and processes allowing the customer to coordinate all their inventory outlets and maximize their inventory management program.

Kitting and Staging

Scope offers off-site kitting and staging programs to support the specific needs of our customers planning and forecasting requirements. Whether provided independently or as part of a total materials management solution, these services give you a competitive advantage. By integrating warehousing and packaging operations within your materials management program, you gain flexibility, improve service levels, and reduce costs. Scope’s kitting and staging program consists of the following elements:

  • Materials are consolidated in an off-site warehouse
  • Material delivery is expedited for readiness
  • Electronic goods receipt for tracking
  • Notification of ready kits
  • Drop point delivery available

Logistics and Transportation

Scope’s logistics program empowers the customer to view all their transportation activities while enabling us to coordinate, change, and redirect shipments while staying on schedule. This program gives the customer the ability to see and respond to ever-changing situations and environments with greater visibility into the logistics process, you can proactively solve problems and spot opportunities.

Scope provides logistics programs and solutions specifically tailored to the greater PetroChemical Industry. We can fill every transportation and logistics role you may need, from a dedicated fleet for pick-up and delivery of MRO supplies, to vendor sweep programs (link). Our petrochem experience, commitment to continuous improvement, and our dedication to HSSE reduces your risk and ensures a seamless execution. Having Scope manage your logistics gives you more control and confidence that your products will get where they need to be safely and on time.

  • Obtain alerts when delays will impact scheduled deliveries
  • Use real-time information to lower safety stock levels
  • Act on delay notifications to arrange alternative products, sources, or transportation modes
  • Adapt readily to unexpected transportation events and find alternatives for affected shipments
  • Obtain visibility inbound to facilities for resource planning
  • Locate critical orders and shipments

Regional Warehousing

The result of combining Regional Warehousing with Scope’s Integrated Inventory Management program is a unified and synthesized materials management program. Together, these modules enable clear visibility: shipping from the regional warehouse to anywhere with traceability and accountability at all times. To optimize your materials management, your Regional Warehouse must be able to provide you with visibility into their receipts and shipments, and generate shipping labels and other documentation. Scope provides web-based technology to easily and inexpensively allow the Regional Warehouse to create labels, documentation and provide receiving, cross-docking, and load building services. They can even consolidate shipments directly to the site, satellite team store, tool rooms, safety stores, and material trailers, by bypassing warehouses altogether.

  • With the full benefit of collaboration between regional warehouses, suppliers, and customers, you can maximize cross-dock and flow-through for direct-to-site delivery, thus reducing inventory, speeding orders to the customer, and dramatically cutting transportation, storage, and labor costs.
  • Direct-to-site shipment that reduces transportation, labor, and storage costs while shortening order fulfillment times.
  • Standardized labels and shipping documentation through the entire supply chain for more accurate receiving.
  • Dramatically increased visibility, which reduces inventory levels and order cycle time.
  • Capital spares inventory is combined for several customer locations within a given geographical area.
  • Materials are received, inspected, staged, consolidated, kitted, and delivered from an off-site location reducing the number of vehicles inside the customer location.

Consigned Materials Management

In Material Management it is widely known as Vendor consignment. Since these special stocks are located at company’s premises hence, these are managed at storage location level. In consignment processing, the vendor remains the legal owner of the material until materials is not withdrawn from the consignment stores or it is not transferred to company’s own stock. Once it is withdrawn or transferred to company’s own stock, the ownership also got transferred to the tune of quantity withdrawn or transferred. When the material is withdrawn from the unrestricted stock types it is valuated at the price maintained in information record with the respective vendor.

Scope works continuously to improve communications and balance the relationship between the customer, manufacturer, vendor, and transportation carrier.

Types of Consignment Programs

  • Fixed Quantity Consignments-

Fixed quantity consignments are consignment program where the initial consigned quantities and values are static, or will not change, until the item is removed from the program. This type of program eliminates the need for periodic cycle counting by Suppliers as the shelf quantities do not reflect the value of the consignment

  • Variable Quantity Consignments-

Variable quantity consignments are consignment programs where the consigned quantities and values fluctuate based on the shelf count. Materials can be issued, received, returned or transferred thus affecting the on hand quantities and values. This type of program is more frequently utilized in a warehouse location as opposed to a Satellite or Zone store program.

Inventory Auditing and Analysis

At Scope we believe that if you can’t measure it then you can’t manage it. We give our customers the ability to measure the results of over 100 (?) different reports.

With easy-to-read reports presenting powerful analytics, you can monitor the performance of your suppliers, carriers, customers, and employees from one intuitive dashboard. Our customers are able to see a single, consistent, real-time view of their entire materials handling program. Scope also offers the ability to receive notification of all material handling events as they occur enabling you to respond immediately.

We review our performance with our clients at least monthly and publish several reports to measure our performance against the established objectives. On a quarterly basis we have business review meetings to review the overall account activity, address open issues, work on new initiatives, and discuss any business changes and improvements.

Customized Electronic Reporting

  • On-time deliveries
  • Fill rates
  • Turns Analysis
  • Usage
  • Need help filling in here

Warranty Tracking

One of our many cost reduction strategies is our Warranty Tracking service. Our customers have realized significant cost savings by implementing this program to track warranties and process claims associated with failed parts. By using one of our reporting programs we can track and report on parts sent out, status claims, dates, repairables, recovered amounts, and vendors. By analyzing the reports it allows us to identify vendors with potential quality problems or employees with poor usage skills.